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Re: KDE 5 screen size issue

On 17 January 2018 at 06:27, Mun <mjelists@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I recently upgraded my AWS Ubuntu system from v14.04 to v16.04.  The
upgrade also updated my KDE from version 4.x (not sure of the exact
version) to version 5.18.0 .  The problem that resulted is that the
screen geometry setting via xrandr is not being applied correctly.
I've attached a screen shot for clarity.


That version of Plasma doesn't exist yet!
The bleeding edge version of Plasma 5 is 5.12.x (master/live).

But I will assume you mean your KDE Frameworks version is 5.18.0.
If so your problem is purely running an older version of Plasma 5 still riddled with bugs.
I used to have that panel positioning issue months ago...

All the best,