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Re: baloo_file_extractor is slowing me down.

Christian Dysthe posted on Thu, 21 Dec 2017 21:40:13 +0000 as excerpted:

> Thanks! I looked at the Baloo control panel application. It lets me
> exclude directories, but I could not find any way to exclude USB and
> network connected drives. I have a lot of symlinks in my home directory
> pointing to a directory in another folder also in my home directory. I
> wonder how baloo treats symlinks? If you know how I can get Baloo to
> only index my home directory (and possibly ignore symlinks) it would be
> great. I have look at the baloo configuration file. Not too complicated,
> but again I have no idea how to disable USB and networked drives. Some
> of those are not mounted at all times and most of them through Dolphin.
> Again, if I could get baloo to only index my home directory and ignore
> everything else I assume I will be fine.

Where are those drives mounted?  Often USB stuff is mounted under /media 
(newer automount location) or under /mnt (traditional, often manual 
mount, location), so excluding those will likely serve the purpose for 
them.  I don't believe there's a standard location to mount network 
drives, it'd depend on their purpose and your local setup, but presumably 
you know where they are mounted and can tell baloo not to index them 
either.  (Tho depending on the use-case, often network drives may be 
regularly mounted at a stable location, and indexing their content or 
part of it may actually be useful.  YMMV.)

I don't know what baloo does with symlinks.  If nobody else has an 
informed reply, I'd suggest just testing it to see...

> Finally, if I disable baloo can I still use Plasma Search (Alt-Space).
> Love that thing and use it for everything.

Yes, tho I was initially confused as I didn't know it by that name, but 
as the run command/dialog, aka krunner, and I didn't know it by that 
hotkey as I've long since customized many of mine, including that one.  
My keyboard has a number of "extra" keys, and one of them is dedicated to 
that. =:^)  But I see it called plasma search in its configuration 
dialog, also reachable via kde/plasma system settings, and also in kde 
system settings under (global) shortcuts, I confirmed that the default 
hotkey is alt-space, so we're definitely talking about the same thing. 

However, krunner aka plasma search has a whole list of "search" plugins 
(again, see the list in the configuration dialog or under search in kde 
system settings) a couple of which do I believe require baloo.  Since I 
have it disabled at build-time I don't have those plugins in my list and 
thus can't tell you what's missing, but most of the plugins are still 
there and still work.

I'd guess the missing ones would popup hits from the file index based on 
the keywords you typed, stuff like images based on timestamp and global 
coordinates if you for instance take them on your phone and store them on 
the computer for baloo to index, etc.

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