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Re: baloo_file_extractor is slowing me down.

On Thu Dec 21 2017 00:04:05 GMT-0500 (EST), Duncan wrote:

> Christian Dysthe posted on Wed, 20 Dec 2017 16:33:40 +0000 as excerpted:
> > > Hi, > > > > I am running KDE Neon user edition. Recently I have noticed that my > > laptop has been slow and sluggish. I have found baloo_file_extractor to > > be the culprit. After a while is consumes 4 GB or RAM and between 50 and > > 100% of my CPU. As soon as I kill the process my laptop speeds up again.
> > I'm not sure exactly when this started but it has been during the last
> > couple of months. I have noticed I have a very large ~/.xsession-errors
> > file with a lot of baloo references in it. I find a lot of this:
> > > > org.kde.baloo: Found removable storage volume for Baloo undocking:
> > "/org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/
> usb1/1-10/1-10:1.0/0003:1FD2:6007.0008/input/input22/mouse2"
> > > > org.kde.baloo: Found removable storage volume for Baloo undocking:
> > "/org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/
> usb1/1-10/1-10:1.0/0003:1FD2:6007.0008/input/input22/event9"
> > > > org.kde.baloo: Found removable storage volume for Baloo undocking:
> > "/org/kde/solid/udev/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/
> usb1/1-10/1-10:1.0/0003:1FD2:6007.0008/input/input22"
> > > > > > but not sure if that is relevant. How can I find out what is causing > > this and possibly get baloo to behave like it did in the past? I've been > > poking around in forums and found that baloo can be a problem at times, > > but not a way to troubleshoot it. Mostly it seems like people disable it
> > which I do not want to do since I use file search a lot.
> > Welcome to the love/hate relationship of file indexing services. =:^( > > FWIW, I not only disabled baloo at runtime, I'm on gentoo which makes it > possible, so I build kde components without it where possible, and use > alternatives where it (and akonadi) would be required -- no kdepim > related stuff here. For me, the benefits simply aren't worth the > headaches, and I use other tools like mc's text search, grep, and the > package-manager's tools, when I need to search. (No locate service > running here for similar reasons, but I'm on ssds so live-grep/search > isn't /that/ slow.) > > But your machine, your call, and you find it useful, so... > > Because I have it build-time disabled I can't verify current behavior, > but IIRC, check kde/plasma system settings, find the baloo control panel > applet, and set the paths it indexes so it won't try to index removable > storage. Depending on how you use removable storage, indexing it may > well create gigabytes of garbage index data that's of limited or no use > anyway, and limiting indexing to only those parts of permanently > accessible storage where it's useful, should let it index that while > keeping the index relatively small and fast. Further, because it's > permanently accessible, full-indexing it should happen only once, and > after that, it'll only have to keep up with changes, which should be must > faster. > > But the key is limiting what it indexes to stuff that's actually going to > be useful to you. The more stuff it indexes the bigger, slower, and less > efficient it gets, but obviously, if you don't have it indexing much at > all, there's a point at which you might as well not run it at all, so > it's finding that balance that brings the magic.

Thanks! I looked at the Baloo control panel application. It lets me exclude directories, but I could not find any way to exclude USB and network connected drives. I have a lot of symlinks in my home directory pointing to a directory in another folder also in my home directory. I wonder how baloo treats symlinks? If you know how I can get Baloo to only index my home directory (and possibly ignore symlinks) it would be great. I have look at the baloo configuration file. Not too complicated, but again I have no idea how to disable USB and networked drives. Some of those are not mounted at all times and most of them through Dolphin. Again, if I could get baloo to only index my home directory and ignore everything else I assume I will be fine.

Finally, if I disable baloo can I still use Plasma Search (Alt-Space). Love that thing and use it for everything. > > Tho as I said, for me, that balance is "kill it with fire!", for you it's > obviously different, and that's fine. You just have to /find/ it. > --

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