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Re: KDE (or X?) clipboard goes stupid

El día sábado, diciembre 09, 2017 a las 01:17:31p. m. -0700, Stephen Dowdy escribió:

> There's a lot of "cut/paste" mechanisms in play.
> X11 has a Primary and Secondary buffer, but there's also a Clipboard.
> selecting text via mouse in something like xterm puts that text into the Primary buffer.
> Using CTRL-C/V uses the Clipboard.  (this is all generalizations).
> You can use a tool like 'xsel' or 'xclip' to manipulate all three of those buffers:
> To see what's in each buffer:
>     for buf in primary secondary clipboard; do printf "\n[${buf}]\n"; xsel -o --${buf} ; done; printf "\n"

For "my" xsel (xsel 0.04 23072002) the syntax was:

for buf in PRIMARY SECONDARY CLIPBOARD; do printf "\n[${buf}]\n"; xsel -p -s ${buf} ; done; printf "\n"

Thanks anyway for this pointer;

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