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Re: What happened with fonts?

On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 1:05 AM, Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Aleksey Midenkov posted on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 12:21:36 +0300 as excerpted:
>> After system upgrade window title font became enormously big. Changes of
>> Window title in System Settings are ignored.
> This is the second thread on this I've seen.  I can't say for sure
> whether the first one was, but it must have been either one of the kde
> lists (perhaps even this one), or on the plasma development list, which I
> follow because I run live-git kde-frameworks/plasma/apps and which gets
> CCed from plasma bugs filed on kde's bugzilla, plus the plasma-related
> phabricator patch postings up for review before they get merged to the
> various git repos, and it might actually have been a bug thread or
> phabricator bug patch thread I'm remembering.
> Actually, given that I remember clicking links to images illustrating the
> problem in the thread, it's very likely I /was/ reading it on the plasma-
> devel list, and thus that it was either a bug or a phabricator issue.
> Meanwhile, I should say that I have NOT noticed the bug myself, in live-
> git plasma/frameworks as I said, but that's likely explained by the
> below...
> Apparently the bug affects only certain window decorations, and the one
> I'm running, BlackSquare from the kde store (get new window decorations
> in the window decorations kcm, aka kcontrol module, aka kde system
> settings module), isn't affected, because it's an aurora-based theme, and
> according to the earlier thread, aurora-based themes aren't affected.
> (I'm no windeco expert, and don't properly know to my own satisfaction
> what aurora is or what makes it distinct enough from the other windeco
> alternatives to not suffer from this bug (doing some research on it has
> been on my low-priority to-do list for some time now, but being low
> priority, it may remain there forever...), but based on browsing kdelook
> and the kde store for years, it's apparently a quite popular windeco
> "engine", that makes creating your own windecos reasonably easy, so much
> so that there's a whole bunch of aurora-based windecos created by various
> people, up on the kdestore, and kdelook, before that.)
> On the bug/phabricator/whatever, the issue was somewhat different,
> however.  There, the problem was not font size, but the fact that a
> user's /bold/ settings weren't being honored appropriately.  As pointed
> out by the user and as illustrated in the images, while the "bold"
> setting did indeed make the font display slightly heavier, it was an
> "emulated" (original user's word) bold, NOT the actual font in bold face
> as shown in a few other images, from other elements of the UI.
> IIRC font smoothing was also affected, tho it's possible I'm mixing that
> up from a separate bug, or possibly a different report of the same one,
> I'm not sure.
> In any case, try choosing a different windeco (kde system settings,
> application style, window decorations).  Plastik shouldn't be affected as
> I /believe/ it's aurora-based.  Breeze is I believe the default and
> affected.  Oxygen is the old kde/plasma4 default, and I'm not sure
> whether it's affected or not.  Those are the three choices that normally
> ship with plasma.  As mentioned, others can be downloaded, and I'm using
> the aurora-based BlackSquare as downloaded from the store, here, which
> doesn't seem to be affected.
> I'll also see if I can find that other thread and post a link to it.

I use Plastik, it is affected. Oxygen and Breeze aren't affected, but
they have horrible height: like 7% of my screen is used by window
title, that's ridiculous. air-oxygen has normal height but it is
affected. I can't use BlackSquare -- it is a nightmare, sorry. BTW,
not only window title is broken, but annotation font in systray.

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