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Re: What happened with fonts?

Duncan posted on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 22:05:05 +0000 as excerpted:

> I'll also see if I can find that other thread and post a link to it.

OK, seems the original thread was indeed right here, but a followup by 
the same guy is now on the plasma-devel list, with links back to the one 

[ Now I'm missing gmane's web interface, since the news interface I use 
to follow my mailing lists used to have a header linking the post on the 
web interface, so it was easy to post a link, but gmane's web interface 
is unfortunately no more, and I have to try harder to find a web version 
to link to. =:^( ]

Here's the link provided in the plasma-devel thread back to the original 
one here.


But because marc.info seems to be under an attack or otherwise simply 
being slow to respond, today, so I can't get there to try to find the 
plasma-devel thread...

Here's the plasma-devel thread on kde's archives (with one response, but 
GX apparently didn't get it as he posted again, same subject, just today, 
asking about it):


You'll obviously have to click the png links to see them, but they show 
up on gmane's list2news as attached to the post, and it's that which I 
remembered looking at.

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