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Re: What happened with fonts?

Aleksey Midenkov posted on Tue, 17 Oct 2017 12:21:36 +0300 as excerpted:

> After system upgrade window title font became enormously big. Changes of
> Window title in System Settings are ignored.

This is the second thread on this I've seen.  I can't say for sure 
whether the first one was, but it must have been either one of the kde 
lists (perhaps even this one), or on the plasma development list, which I 
follow because I run live-git kde-frameworks/plasma/apps and which gets 
CCed from plasma bugs filed on kde's bugzilla, plus the plasma-related 
phabricator patch postings up for review before they get merged to the 
various git repos, and it might actually have been a bug thread or 
phabricator bug patch thread I'm remembering.

Actually, given that I remember clicking links to images illustrating the 
problem in the thread, it's very likely I /was/ reading it on the plasma-
devel list, and thus that it was either a bug or a phabricator issue.

Meanwhile, I should say that I have NOT noticed the bug myself, in live-
git plasma/frameworks as I said, but that's likely explained by the 

Apparently the bug affects only certain window decorations, and the one 
I'm running, BlackSquare from the kde store (get new window decorations 
in the window decorations kcm, aka kcontrol module, aka kde system 
settings module), isn't affected, because it's an aurora-based theme, and 
according to the earlier thread, aurora-based themes aren't affected.

(I'm no windeco expert, and don't properly know to my own satisfaction 
what aurora is or what makes it distinct enough from the other windeco 
alternatives to not suffer from this bug (doing some research on it has 
been on my low-priority to-do list for some time now, but being low 
priority, it may remain there forever...), but based on browsing kdelook 
and the kde store for years, it's apparently a quite popular windeco 
"engine", that makes creating your own windecos reasonably easy, so much 
so that there's a whole bunch of aurora-based windecos created by various 
people, up on the kdestore, and kdelook, before that.)

On the bug/phabricator/whatever, the issue was somewhat different, 
however.  There, the problem was not font size, but the fact that a 
user's /bold/ settings weren't being honored appropriately.  As pointed 
out by the user and as illustrated in the images, while the "bold" 
setting did indeed make the font display slightly heavier, it was an 
"emulated" (original user's word) bold, NOT the actual font in bold face 
as shown in a few other images, from other elements of the UI.

IIRC font smoothing was also affected, tho it's possible I'm mixing that 
up from a separate bug, or possibly a different report of the same one, 
I'm not sure.

In any case, try choosing a different windeco (kde system settings, 
application style, window decorations).  Plastik shouldn't be affected as 
I /believe/ it's aurora-based.  Breeze is I believe the default and 
affected.  Oxygen is the old kde/plasma4 default, and I'm not sure 
whether it's affected or not.  Those are the three choices that normally 
ship with plasma.  As mentioned, others can be downloaded, and I'm using 
the aurora-based BlackSquare as downloaded from the store, here, which 
doesn't seem to be affected.

I'll also see if I can find that other thread and post a link to it.

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