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Re: Can someone reproduce this kate/kwrite crash?

On 21/09/17 11:51, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
I'd say install DrKonqi if you don't have it yet, figure out how to get it to catch the crash for reporting, and then look at the backtrace to see where the crash occurs.

Qt 5.7.1 had its share of issues, but I've never seen this crash. Semicolons with spaces before them is something coders will encounter quite often, as well as anyone writing French, so any regressions in highlighting code handling this pattern should be caught and corrected quickly.
(I'm still on older KF5 frameworks and applications though.)

Couldn't get a backtrace, even after re-installing libraries with -ggdb.

So instead I upgraded to Qt 5.9.1, which I was extremely reluctant to do; on Gentoo, the Qt 5.9 packages are marked with:

  "Guaranteed to break your system horribly or your money back."

The Kate crashes went away though. Now waiting for my disk to be formatted or my house catching fire...