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Re: Setting encoding in Kate

On 06/09/17 17:19, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Wednesday, 2017-09-06, 17:04:27, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
On 06/09/17 16:17, Burkhard Lück wrote:
Am Montag, 4. September 2017, 22:46:44 CEST schrieb Nikos Chantziaras:
Is there a way to mark a file as using a specific encoding? Like some
string inside a C comment that Kate recognizes?


Alright. So, putting:

    kate: encoding cp-1252

in .kateconfig works, whereas an in-file modeline doesn't.

In-file only works for saving, as the information is then available when
needed, but doesn't work for loading as that is too late.

I'm not sure why it's too late. I can just go to Tools->Encoding and set CP-1252. I obviously do this after the file is already loaded, and it works just fine.

The modeline should just do the same thing I'm currently forced to do by hand.

However, I can't use a .kateconfig for this, since now *all* files in
the directory are opened with cp-1252 as the encoding, not just the ones
that actually are.

I would personally recommend recoding to UTF-8 on princple, this is the 21st
century, platform specific encodings ought to be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, that's not possible. The software used by the other team members does not support Unicode. So we use ASCII for all files, except for those that need non-ASCII stuff in them (umlauts, etc.) Those use CP-1252.

(I'm the only Linux guy in the team.)