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Re: Setting encoding in Kate

On 06/09/17 15:53, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Monday, 2017-09-04, 22:46:44, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
Is there a way to mark a file as using a specific encoding? Like some
string inside a C comment that Kate recognizes?

I think Kate does understand comments like this, I vaguely remember seeing
some for giving hints on intentation.

So I've checked my KDE source and found this

// kate: encoding utf-8


/* kate: encoding utf-8 */

It's recognized, but doesn't work. If I set:

  /* kate: encoding cp 1252 */

on the first line of the file, then "Tools->Encoding" actually reflects that, but the file is not shown correctly. It still shows solid blocks for CP1252 characters.

Even worse, if I have that comment in the file and try to switch the encoding manually (from and to CP1252), then Kate corrupts the file by deleting the unrecognized "block" characters.