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Re: what does the drawing pin / thumbtack do?

On Sunday, 20 August 2017 07:28:03 CEST Chris Roy-Smith wrote:
> Having a play with kde plasma 5. I have not used kde for about 10 years.
> Much has changes in that time. I can't figure out what the purpose of the
> drawing pin / thumb tack on the top left corner of a window. Somebody
> please reveal it's purpose, or point me in the direction of an appropriate
> web site.
> Regards, Chris Roy-Smith

You know how you can have several desktops, typically 2 or 4?

The thumbtack sticks the window to all the desktops. So say you have two 
desktops and you thumbtack the window you are reading this message in. When 
you go to the other desktop, it'll be there, in the same position.


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