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Re: Where are Kate syntax files stored?

On 05/08/17 22:00, Nicolás Alvarez wrote:
2017-08-05 15:55 GMT-03:00 Nikos Chantziaras <realnc@xxxxxxxxx>:
On 05/08/17 18:24, Kevin Krammer wrote:

On Saturday, 2017-08-05, 17:39:49, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:

Syntax highlighting XML files used to come with katepart, but that's
gone now in KDE5. I did a brute-force grep on my filesystem, but still
can't find the syntax XML files :-/

Where are they?

I think they are part of the KTextEditor Framework now, Kate and friends
depend on.

Hm, it doesn't install any xml files.

The built-in syntax highlighting XML files are packed into a Qt
resource (qrc). This improves performance when loading them. I don't
remember if it's installed as a separate qrc file or if it's embedded
into the library, though.

Why do you need them? You can get them from the SyntaxHighlighting
framework source code[1], and you can install modified versions in the
user path René mentioned.

[1] https://cgit.kde.org/syntax-highlighting.git/tree/data/syntax)

Ah, OK. No wonder I was unable to find them. Thanks for the link.

The reason I need them is because I need to modify tads3.xml and update it due to changes in the language it defines the syntax for.