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Re: Can't move windows anymore

On Fri, 2017-05-26 at 20:42 -0600, Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
> Hello. I was told KDE 4.14.30 by Konqueror's Help->About KDE.

ah that is right , only Konqueror still built with KDE 4.14 , but for
fedora 26 we got konqueror built with kf5 , last build of kde-baseapps
with konqueror is 16.08.3-2.fc25 [1] after we got konqueror alone in
BTW my kde4-plasma project is based on that kde 4.14 libs , but except

you may try my kde4 konqueor build [3] or also new konqueror [4]

dnf --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo=sergiomb-kde4for23  install
konqueror-0:16.08.3-4.fc25.x86_64 --allowerasing 

dnf --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo=sergiomb-kde4for23 update konqueror


Sérgio M. B.