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Re: Screen blanking much like a blank very dim screen saver

On Thursday May 25 2017 23:41:55 John wrote:

>The one man committee might like to bear in mind that something like this with no control and over ride is likely to annoy a number of people. 

As I said, the official stance is that if you don't like plasma5's screensaving/locking, you just have to use something else. For me that includes (or included) the impossibility to blank the screen without ever turning it off or locking it, and with a simple saver app running like the KDE4 kclock screensaver.

The point with a screenlocker is that it must be secure, which is why it is so tightly integrated. If you have better suggestions, or know you can represent the needs and desires of a silent majority of users, why not subscribe to the plasma-devel ML and bring all this to the attention of the developers?