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Re: Problem solved ([vlc] Qt4 plugin into Qt5 program)

On Thursday May 18 2017 22:24:35 Antonio Rojas wrote:

> That would just reverse the problem: KDE4 applications would crash when 
> using phonon-vlc. Most distros still ship both KDE4-based and KF5-based 
> applications.

I presume the number of KDE4 applications on a Plasma5 system must be dwindling by now. It seems much more justifiable to me to put support libraries for "legacy" applications somewhere "off the beaten paths". IOW, provide a libVLC that's specific to KDE4/Qt4 applications and that lacks the gui plugins.

BTW, does phonon-backend-vlc use libVLC for anything other than audio? If it doesn't, wouldn't it be possible to build a dedicated libVLC that's stripped of everything that won't be used and installs its plugins in a different location than where VLC looks for them?