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Re: Problem solved ([vlc] Qt4 plugin into Qt5 program)

On Wednesday May 17 2017 11:45:08 Rex Dieter wrote:

>> Distro packaging should ensure that vlc-cache-gen is run every time the
>> software gets installed or updated.

This is also something that could be handled on our side, if KDE/Plasma is indeed the only environment where VlC's plugin cacheing causes this kind of problem. We already have (had?) a kded-driven service that calls kbuildsycoca each time something relevant changes on disk, it should be possible to do the same with vlc-cache-gen. Run as an external command it should not cause any trouble.

What distros could and should do is ship a VLC built against Qt5 when they provide a Qt5-based desktop environment. Much simpler than running a post-install command properly.

>I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned to vlc devs on many occasions, if 
>you think you know better than them, feel free to try contacting them again 
>(but don't get your hopes up).

I think that it'd be better if someone involved with the phonon-backend-vlc did that; IIRC Harald Sitter is a (regular?) contributor to VLC even.