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Re: Problem solved ([vlc] Qt4 plugin into Qt5 program)

On Wednesday May 17 2017 08:17:51 Rex Dieter wrote:

> It's also not a vlc bug.

Yeah, as I said later, it's not actually a bug. It *is* an issue, though.

> If you must know details (which is why I suggested contacting distro 
> support), vlc maintains a cache of plugin details (via vlc-cache-gen), but 
> if that cache is missing or stale, it'll try to query all plugins at 
> runtime.  That's the case where problems can occur.

I don't know what kind of query is run on the plugins but I have a hard time imagining that query couldn't be done without side-effects.

> Distro packaging should ensure that vlc-cache-gen is run every time the 
> software gets installed or updated.

Which still leaves enough room for mishaps, IMHO. And guess where those are reported, if anywhere...