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Re: Default keyboard layout on login screen

Дмитрий Мурзин posted on Sat, 06 May 2017 13:28:38 +0300 as excerpted:

> Hello!
> I have two keyboard layout, english and russian.
> What I do:
> 0) Laptop is turned off
> 1) Turn on laptop
> 2) I see login screen, keyboard layout is english (it is good)
> 3) Login
> 4) Change keyboard layout to russian
> 5) I lock the screen with Ctrl+Alt+L
> 6) I see login screen, keyboard layout is russian (it is bad)
> How can I get that at (6) I have english keyboard layout?
> Thank you a lot.

> KDE Plasma 5.9.5

While I'm English-only and thus don't have to, nor know how to,
deal with the problem as it currently is...

I *do* run the live-git development versions of most of the
kde-frameworks/plasma/apps that I have installed (via the
gentoo/kde project's overlay, which includes the live-git versions).

And I generally monitor the plasma development list, which tracks the
various plasma component review requests and the following review
discussion, before code is actually committed.

Based on that, I can safely say that the devs are aware that the
current situation isn't ideal, and they've been working on various
tweaks to the login and lock screens, including putting a keyboard
layout changer icon in the corner.  (At least that's how I understood
it, I wasn't following /too/ closely because as I explained it
doesn't directly pertain to me personally.  So it's possible I'm
getting it mixed up with one of the other changes, but they definitely
are making changes to this as well, even if I may be getting the
details a bit wrong.)

So as I said I don't know what the current situation is, but you can 
expect it to improve, perhaps markedly, in the future, when what's
under development right now gets released and whatever distro or
other source you're using picks it up. =:^)

If you're interested in further detail or information, you can try
the current development builds yourself.  The easiest way to do that
is via kde's neon project, which builds the latest kde products on a
kubuntu-LTS base.  There's a bootable live-image available, no need
to install permanently unless you want to. =:^)

Of course you can also look up the development list archives and
follow the discussions yourself, if you like. =:^)

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