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Re: Plasma search and one other

On Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:58:01 +0000
John <john_82@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I didn't realise that this was running but noticed it with all of the options selected in kdesettings-search so unchecked all. Done I thought except when I looked again after a reboot which meant logging in again and all were active. This seems to be caused by just logging out of the desktop and back in again. Tried it several times and it always happens - deselect all and log back in and they are all active again. I did click apply when I deselected.
> Is there some way of really stopping it from running. It looks to be as mad as the original search - catalogues everything and it seems content. It'll find something or the other more or less what ever is typed in.
> I've also picked up another some how. Parcellite. Maybe due to installing lxde for fun and down to the lack of isolation between desktops. :-( it doesn't even function correctly on kde. It's on the right of taskbar and no option to delete which going on the desktop aspect would might just hide it and not even prevent it from loading anyway.
> I turned off file indexing as well. The setting is retained but now I have to wonder. Going on kde4 I don't trust dolphin searches so use kfind anyway. The current dolphin is crippled and in my view if the greyed out search options were available they don't offer what I need anyway.
> Going on the previous fiasco in this area I'm left wondering what is the cause of this fixation with cataloguing everything. At least I didn't notice a 2gb file index being created this time but have to ask myself if I want it. Going on what could be done in earlier kde I don't
> I've noticed some odd changes in memory usage at times and immediately suspected that it's down to caching. ;-) might be due to something else though.
> KDE 5.26
> John
> -
Finally disabled indexing all together. One "plugin" needs to be left on in kde's settings. I chose aspell. It then retains the settings. Disabling file indexing is easy - just click the enable.

I was left with one problem, one that is totally useless for me. Browser bookmarks indexing. It turned out that it was launched in plasma's rc file. Delete the entry and it just came back. Fix is to move the associated desktop file to a user directory and set enable to false in it.

I intend to bring indexing back up in a less exuberant fashion.

Now there is no indexing at at all kicker doesn't function. Alt space brings it up but it's totally dead. Start button search etc is ok. ??? I'd have thought that it should still search applications. My app menu is now user local but it behaved the same way before I changed that.