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Re: Unable to remove fuzzy clock plasmoid

On Saturday, 15 April 2017 11:45:44 CEST, huw <huw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just added the fuzzy clock plasmoid to my desktop. Not knowing the dimensions before it actually appeared, I unwittingly placed it too close to the edge of my screen and half of it is now off-screen. Whether a result of that or not, the situation now is that if I right-click on it I don't get its menu (instead I get the menu that I would if I'd just clicked in the desktop).

Clicking and dragging doesn't work either, so I can't drag it fully onto the desktop to have a better chance at finding its right-click menu.

If I bring the widgets menu back up it doesn't appear in the "uninstallable" section so I can't remove it that way either.

Any suggestions?

Use the menu bringing it up from the pannel.
Last resort, use ps in a terminal to get the name of the application an remove this with rm.


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