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Re: Icon size in Okular and other applications

On Friday, 17 March 2017 10:25:28 CET you wrote:
> I presume the MPB is running Linux? 

Yes, I'm running debian GNU/linux scratch (testing).

> The scrollbar looks a lot like the native Cocoa one. The Breeze scrollbar
> uses larger "arrows" for me but that  difference may stem from the fact
> you're using a higher res. screen than do.

Yes, probably so, in fact I'm using the Breeze theme.

> Only the icons in Okular's menus? That'd be suspicious.

It's not just menu item icons in Okular. For instance, also the Save and 
Cancel icons in the Okular open document popup are small (attachment 1.jpeg), 
as well as the Save and Cancel icons in the Save File KDialog I get when 
saving something from Chrome (2.jpeg). By contrast, when saving a file from 
KWrite those two icons have a regular size (3.jpeg).

> Tastes differ, but why don't you deactivate icons in menus? 

That is an interesting suggestion, although it wouldn't solve the issue I get 
with some open/save dialogs.

Thanks & Cheers,

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