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Re: Options to right click and open to view some how.



Le Tuesday, March 14, 2017 10:06:30 PM CET John_82 a écrit :

> If I am having problems and need to start poking about in system files that

> don't have an association I have to scroll through all of the alternatives

> to get to say kwrite.


This is the "open with" dialog I get:


Note the "Remember application association ... " At the bottom.

Also not the text bar at the top, where you can write the name of the binary directly.



> That has been driving me nuts for years at times. I had to use windows at

> work and it's easy to add things to a right click there that will always be

> present what ever is clicked on.


> Is there anything that I can edit to add options to a right click in kde

> 5.26 ? Associations aren't on as some have no suffix.


System settings -> Applications -> File Associations






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