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Re: Move window to this or all desktop

Bob Wya skrev den 2017-02-28 00:21:

I seem to have an on-going related bug. I have some autostart applications. These all have kwin rules to blit them to 1 of 4 Virtual Desktops - apply initially. Every time I start Plasma 5.9.2 my konsole window gets moved to all desktops - rather than just desktop 2 (the rule I specified).

I'm not aware of an open bug on this...

I'm sure I saw discussion of a similar issue and a fix (pushed Upstream) - being discussed on #gentoo-kde... I think!

Yes. That do sound related to my problems. Can you point me to how I setup kwin rules on a application, then I will try to drop one into autostart and see if I have the same behavior.