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Re: Move window to this or all desktop

Duncan skrev den 2017-03-01 08:29:

Klaus Vink Slott posted on Mon, 27 Feb 2017 21:30:50 +0100 as excerpted:

Hi - I need a little help with this:

I use 4 virtual desktops and often pulls a windows from another desktop
to the currently active one.
- when I right
click on the program in the taskbar and select "Move to desktop" it
makes no difference if I select "Move to this" or "Move to all" (reverse
translated from Danish). The selected window/program always ends up on
all desktops.

OS: openSUSE Leap 42.2 KDE: 4.14.25

I'm not familiar enough with OpenSuSE's versioning to have a clue what
that actually means in terms of dates or how it maps to upstream kde
releases, but FWIW...

I was a bit confused to when I searched for the version. I think I lost all Desktop customization when I updated. So I kind of thought that I was now running plasma 5 - but was unsure how find out. So I resorted to the old way and checked Konqueror "About KDE" I also tried "rpm -qa | grep kde" but that did not make it any clearer.

So if that kde 4.14.25, which seems to be the kdelibs version (I have
kdelibs 4.14.28 installed here, gentoo with the gentoo/kde overlay and
live-git frameworks/plasma/apps, but still release kdelibs4), is indeed
correct for your plasma desktop as well, and you're not actually running a plasma5 desktop, then it would seem your desktop is out of upstream kde
support range, and you'll need to get support from your distro.

OTOH, that kdelibs version isn't /too/ far behind, and it's possible
you're actually running plasma5. What does plasmashell --version
report? (If you don't have a plasmashell command, only plasma-desktop,
then you are indeed running a plasma4 desktop, but plasmashell indicates
a plasma5 version of some sort, since it's a plasma5 binary.)
klaus@blob:~> plasmashell --version
plasmashell 5.8.3

By OpenSUSE standards LEAP (this is what I am running) is regarded as the stable release whereas Tumbleweed is the rolling release with all the new shiny stuff.

Meanwhile, as I said I'm running live-git plasma5 here, tho not updated
since the 6th, with plasmashell --version reporting 5.9.90.

I don't actually run a taskbar at all, so I can't confirm behavior with
it, but I do use multiple virtual desktops, and both the task switcher
(alt-tab...) and task list (desktop menu task switcher option) switch to
the appropriate desktops when I select an app on them. Then, with the
appropriate app active, I can either title-bar-scroll to move it to a
different desktop, or hit the appropriate hotkey to move it to whatever
desktop. Those functions work as expected, but as I said, I don't use a
taskbar here, so can't confirm either way what its behavior is.
Thanks for your observations, I think I might try to give Thumbleweed a spin on a senodary mashine.