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Re: [KDE4] what component does the screenlocking?

Please allow me a few follow-up questions

Given that apparently the KDE4 screensaving/locking mechanism is too old to work correctly with whatever component is now too new:

1) can I prevent locking entirely, including at suspend/wake? I thought I'd seen an option that controls this in systemsettings but cannot seem to find it anymore. I tried a wrapper script that filters out --immediateLock but it seems that approach has been made impossible.

2) can KF5 kscreenlocker function outside of a Plasma5 session? kscreenlocker_greet complains about loading a wallpaper (probably just a warning), but it doesn't display an unlocking dialog which for all practical purposes is the same as a dysfunctional dialog. This is true also when I run KWin5 (kwin_x11), as if it also doesn't work properly for some related reason.

Which begs the question:
3) suppose something like this happens on a Plasma5 desktop, what backdoors are there to unlock the session without killing it, from a virtual console?