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Re: [KDE4] what component does the screenlocking?

On Tuesday February 28 2017 16:48:25 Martin Gräßlin wrote:

>As you should be aware of: kde4 has been unmaintained for years and is 

Yeah, I know that KDE no longer maintains most of KDE4. Fortunately some distributions have a slightly different take on concepts like continuity and long-term support.

The last commit to KDE-Workspace that touched a related component was in August 2015. Quite a bit less than 4 years ago. 

>Given that there is nobody "responsible" for that. The screensaver 

The question was not WHO is responsible, but WHAT. If someONE *feels* responsible for code s/he wrote at some point in the past that would of course be appreciated but for now I am just trying to understand what is going on, and for that I must first know where to start looking.

I have no desire to upgrade just for upgrading's sake and tests with bleeding-edge distros like KaOS fail to convince me that the "better Plasma5" is not indeed the enemy of "good old Plasma4", to paraphrase an English and Dutch proverb.

If the screensaver also provides session locking I'll start with making it a habit to restart Plasma each time I get the screensaver glitch.

>I have no idea whether it's possible to get an on-screen keyboard. It 
>should be impossible, the lock screen architecture should prevent that.

I was thinking of a virtual keyboard provided by the software itself, like the LightDM display manager does.

FWIW, OS X has a different way of supporting multiple sessions which would probably help out here. The login manager remains active and control can be relinquished to it without logging out. New sessions for other users are started *after* they authenticate, which also means that trying to log in once more as an already connected user will simply take you back to your open session.
If sddm supports something similar I might adopt it earlier than Plasma5 (presuming sddm supports other session types than Plasma5 alone).