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Re: FTP with SSL/TLS in Dolphin

Am Montag, 30. Januar 2017, 06:42:08 CET schrieb solitone:
> Hi, is there a reason why FTP with SSL/TSL (ftps://) has not been
> implemented in Dolphin?
> There are some wishlist bug reports about, like the following from from
> 2003: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66117
> There was a kio-ftps, but it didn't work very well. Furthermore, it hasn't
> been ported to Plasma / KF 5.
> I wonder whether this protocol is somehow discouraged, or it's just a
> missing feature.

Did you also consider looking through the wishlist bugs and… using the one 
thats most approbiate to ask about its status and probably vote on it?

Also… – that didn´t come to my mind as you asked on kdepim-users – in one way 
or another it might be helpful to contact developers about it, there is a 
frameworks development mailing list and as KIO is a framework… But I think 
either commenting on an existing bug report… or if none of them are suitable 
creating a new one… would be the first step.

As to why there is not ftps support in KIO I have no idea.