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Re: Automating actions on network conditions

Hm. I am admin, but trying to launch, e.g. a web browser from NM's global 
context is no small thing. I suppose I could write a simple program to listen 
for dbus events and check for the current network state on startup. Not as 
elegant as I'd been hoping for, but it should work.

On Monday, January 16, 2017 9:34:49 PM EST dennis knorr wrote:
> Hi,
> not within kde or the plasmoids, but the networkmanager has a
> dispatcher-directory under /etc/Networkmanager/ for post/pre-up/down.
> If you are admin, you could use this.
> hth, dennis
> On 16.01.2017 21:21, Michael Mol wrote:
> > I have a VPN (defined in NetworkManager) I use to access my work-related
> > resources. I would like to set up a trigger to launch a handful of tasks
> > when that VPN comes up. Nothing particularly fancy, just my ticketing and
> > system monitoring dashboards.
> > 
> > Is there already an intrinsic mechanism within KDE that I can use to
> > trigger actions on network status changes?

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