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Re: plasma data engine / property loop

Hi Martin,

On Sunday, 2017-01-15, 00:04:23, Martin Koller wrote:
> Hi,
> trying to fix the systemload applet (and new to QML), how can one solve the
> problem: - a data engine delivers the number of CPU cores
> - depending on this number, I need to separately "connect" to additional
> sources in this data engine
> This creates a property loop.
> dataSources array depends on cores, but cores is set from dataSources

How is cores set from dataSources?
Does the source() function below write to cores?


> E.g. (pseudo code)
> property int cores: 0
> dataSources: sources()
> function sources() { ... create array depending on property "cores", like
> "cpu/cpu<core index>/nice" ... }
> onNewData: { cores = data.value }
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