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Re: Klipper - snippets


I don't know the current state of KDE applications, but at least on Debian Stable, there's a plasma applet called 'paste' that lets you paste snippets.  It provides a few builtin macro expansions for stuff like


  %{exec(netstat -plant)}


  %{password(16, true, true, true, true)}


Note: doesn't appear that 'date()/time()' takes an argument (e.g. %{date(yesterday)}, just returns current, but as long as you have exec() you can do anything.

If you click a snippet, it inserts into the clipboard, then you can paste, You have to double-click to auto-paste.

You could leverage the klipper Actions to do something similar, though it would be a bit more "hackish".

Setup a regular _expression_ like @K -- If you type, then double click that, and have automatic enabled (or, alternatively, if you use <CTRL><ALTR><R> to invoke manual klipper actions popupmenu), you would have a popup menu with all your commands that could be things like:

   Command=echo FLIMFLAM

   Output Handling=Replace Clipboard

(organize as many commands that echo what you want under a single klipper action)

then you'd just have to paste.  I don't see a way in klipper to auto-paste

Also, you can use 'khotkeys' to create a global shortcut that performs keyboard input.  (but you'd likely run out of keyboard combos, or forget them.)  also, i think khotkeys was destined for deprecation?

probably many other solutions.  (i recall a very simple Xt X11 application from many years ago that did similar things)


On Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 2:15 PM, Michael Fierro <biffster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a feature request for Klipper: snippets! I can't even begin to say how convenient having sticky entries that I can click on and then paste wherever I need it. If you need an example of how these work, look either at the Snippets plugin for glipper or the Snippet menu in ClipMenu (Mac).

Michael Fierro

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