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baloo hardly finds anything

Dear all!

While I see impressive Plasma videos with lighting fast search I have to say 
that in my case baloo hardly finds anything. I have also installed Recoll and 
it finds "everything" in amazing speed, but it is not nicely integrated with 

So I would like to get baloo going right and I believe with Mint 18 KDE this
should be possible.

I have all important documents on a separate partition that I have mounted 
to my "Dokumente" folder via fstab. I have deleted the original "Dokumente"
folder and hope this is not a problem.

So when I open Dolphin and choose "documents" or "pictures" in the places bar
nothing happens, no search takes place.

Also when trying to search my email lists in Kmail nothing happens. And all 
this searching is very vital.

I have of course activated search in the system settings.

Thank you very much in advance for caring!

Kind regards,


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