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bug? : Kmail message preview pane layout

Dear all!

This is my first email to the KDE mailing list. I hope to contribute fruitfully 
to the development of KDE Plasma and KDE apps through sending reasonable 

I am not sure, if this way is the best way for my intention, but please 
instruct me otherwise, if this email does not fit the purpose of this email 
list. And all of you who do contribute to KDE : keep up the GOOD work :-)


I cannot enable the mail message preview pane RIGHT besides the list of 
messages. When I switch layout to "below" it works fine. I use Mint 18 KDE as 
OS. It has Plasma 5.65 installed.

If somebody knows how to edit the respective config files to get rid of the 
problem, I would be happy to read some instructions. In general this of course 
should not happen and I am quite sure this is a bug.

Thank you very much in advance for caring!

Best regards,


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