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[kde] Mounting storage media via plasma applet: no permission

Hello fellows,

a week or so ago I did the upgrade from 4.14 to 5.7.0. Once I got around all
package-manager-related complications, the system is stable and works as
expected for the most parts. I've not had a single crash yet. :)

I have a teensy weensy problem with mounting removable storage media.
In short form:

- insert media
- open Dolphin
- click the media's item on the Places panel
  -> the content is displayed and all is fine

- insert media
- use the appearing popup to display contents in Dolphin
  -> I get permission denied message
- open Dolphin
- click the media's item
  -> the content is displayed and a second Dolphin opens with the same path

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

@Duncan: revdep-rebuild and @preserved-rebuild return empty results. ;)
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