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[kde] KDE on a tablet


I have been checking out KaOS on my MS Surface Pro 3 (which is a tablet but actually has a x86_64 architecture). I had previously installed Fedora 23 Gnome on this tablet (and it worked reasonably well) and I wanted to try out KDE which is reputed to be more feature-rich.

There are a couple of points (for now) I wanted to ask some advice on:

1. In the Gnome environment, whenever a need for typing is detected, an on-screen keyboard drops down and you can type in there. (I don't particularly like that keyboard, but that is not the point here.) Is there such a feature for KDE? If so, what is it called or how can I enable this behavior?

2. Is there a way to get the stylus working? This is the stylus that came with the Surface and has three buttons though since I don't use windows, i could not tell you what that does. (The stylus works in Windows, however -- I checked that.)

Thanks for suggestions!

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