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Re: [kde] Change location of user cache in KDE 5

Christoph Pleger wrote:

> Hello,
> Kevin Kummer wrote:
>>> in KDE 4, the location of the user cache can be changed by setting
>>> KDEVARTMP in startkde. How can this be done in KDE 5?
>> My guess would be XDG_CACHE_HOME
> Unfortunately, no. I logged out, deleted /var/tmp/kdecache-${USER}, set
> XDG_CACHE_HOME in /usr/bin/startkde and logged in again - a new
> /var/tmp/kdecache-${HOME} had been created.

XDG_CACHE_HOME is respected only by qt5/kf5 applications and libraries.

kde4 runtime libraries still works the same as before (so you may want to 
set both KDEVARTMP and XDG_CACHE_HOME to achieve what you want).

-- Rex

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