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[kde] Can't configure stylus buttons



I'm running Kubuntu 14.04 (KDE backports PPA enabled) and KDE 4.14.13 on two computers, a desktop and a notebook.


When I connect a wacom Intuos Pro tablet to the desktop, I can't configure the stylus buttons. They both always perform left-clicks, no matter what function I assign to them using the Input Devices applet in System Settings. Everything else works fine, including pressure sensitivity and express buttons setup. If I stop the wacom tablet daemon, I can use the tablet as if it was a mouse and the stylus buttons act as middle-click and right-click, but then I lose pressure sensitivity and express buttons customization, among other things.


However, when I plug the same tablet to the notebook, everything works fine, including the stylus buttons. I can't find a difference in software versions or configurations between the desktop and the notebook.


Any idea on what is going on here, or on how to debug this?





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