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Re: [kde] controlling location of trash on per-filesystem basis?

Kevin Krammer wrote on 05/13/2016 06:58 AM:

>> How do I control, per filesystem, whether files sent to trash from that
>> filesystem go to a .Trash-<nnnn> directory located on that same filesystem
>> or whether they go to the home trash located at ~/.local/share/Trash?
> I am not sure this is possible, at least the specification on freedesktop.org 
> doesn't mention any related configuration capability.
> https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/trash-spec/

Right; but the specification doesn't define configuration at all, just
behaviour. (You said the same thing later in your post.)

I think I lived in hope that there were still enough old-style *NIX people
around that the implementors for KDE would have created a configuration file
that would control behaviour on a per-filesystem basis. It seems that I was wrong.

> Of course KDE's implementation could allow for certiain configurability within 
> the confines of the spec, but someone would have to check the code of kio_trash 
> for that.

Yes :-)

>> (Right now, the behaviour seems to be always to create and use a trash
>> directory on the filesystem of the file being trashed.)
> Right, the main reason being, as far as I understand, that "move" on the same 
> file system is usually instantanious while "move" across file systems is 
> bascially a lengthy copy operation followed by a delete of the original.

Yes, but there are still some kinds of filesystems for which it makes far more
sense to perform the latter.


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