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Re: [kde] Contacting for help with KMail- and KDE- difficulties

Am Thursday, 7. April 2016, 18:22:18 Ben Cooksley wrote:

Thank you very much for your answer:

> Hi Jürgen,


> You've reached the KDE Sysadmins, who are responsible for the

> operation of the infrastructure supporting KDE.org.

> I'm afraid we can't offer any assistance in relation to problems you

> may be facing with KMail.


> I'd recommend posting details on your issue on the KDE Forums at

> https://forum.kde.org/

Sorry: I never posted to a forum

> or sending an email to the KDE users

> (kde@xxxxxxxxxxxx) or KDE PIM users (kdepim-users@xxxxxxx) mailing

> lists.

That I have done with this email.


> Regards,

> Ben Cooksley

> KDE Sysadmin


I found:

Restore and Import in KMail




Using KMail


Restore and Import in KMail

This section describes restoring backups and importing in KMail

Restoring backed up email and settings

Tools → Export KMail Data...

If you used PIM Setting Exporter to backup local email and or settings, please use it again to import back into KMail. See pimsettingexporter for details.

Importing options in KMail

Tools → Import Wizard...

KMail has an import wizard to make the transition from another email application extremely easy. Please see Import Wizard for details.

File → Import Messages...

KMail can easily import several file formats from the following applications with the KMailCVT tool found in :

My Problem: I'm working with Ubuntu and don't know how to start pimsettingexporrter, Import Wizard or KMailCVT .


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