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Re: [kde] Mapping physical screens to KDE containments

Nick Coghlan composed on 2016-04-11 12:42 (UTC+1000):

Using a multi-monitor setup under Plasma 5 (Fedora 23), I have a
problem where the configured panel applet will disappear and not come
back if an external monitor is reconfigured to clone the laptop
monitor, and then switched back to being an independent screen.

Looks like you must have found the explanation why I have a whole bunch of F23 and F24 installations in which I never see a panel any more. I'm never using a laptop, but I do have several multi-output gfxcards to which I only sometimes connect more than one display. When I do, it's always in an extended desktop mode configured manually either using xrandr or xorg.conf* via /etc/X11*.
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