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[kde] strategies for customizing the "K" menu

This is a 2-part question but both are about customizing the "main" or "K" menu. I Googled variations on "custom KDE menu" but didn't come up with much. So I ask some Knerds. :-)

1 - On every machine I set up for myself I copy over a ~/bin of scripts I use regularly, and then have to re-create menu items. Back in KDE3 days I hacked a collection of .desktop files together to give me a submenu of things I used most, but I'm not sure if that will work anymore in Plasma 5. What do you folks do? I can't be the only one who runs KDE on couple or more machines that get replaced over time and need rebuilding.

2 - I'm not a fan of the menu layout of a particular spin (Fedora Jam) I want to use, and I'd like to create my own submenu tree with the layout I want. I could copy/paste from what's there to what I want but there must be a way to edit some files and copy some files and run kbuildsyscoca5 (sp?) to generate a new menu. 


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