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Re: [kde] System Load Viewer applet

Jerome Yuzyk posted on Fri, 19 Feb 2016 20:19:24 -0700 as excerpted:

> I've always liked having the System Load Viewer applet on my main panel.
> I see in Fedora 22 it's been rewritten and lost the "show horizontal"
> option. Also, I've never been able to find the author, nor figure out
> how to get the source so I could maybe make my own or contribute
> patches.
> Does anyone here be of assistance?

F22 might be useful when posted to the fedora lists, but when posting to
the upstream kde lists, that's potentially useful extra information, but
the primary version numbers of interest are the upstream kde and plasma

Assuming it's a reasonably recent plasma5 (and the mention of a rewrite
might be due to that over the older kde4/plasma1 version, so that's a
reasonable assumption)...

Using my gentoolkit/portage equerying foo, the package in question (at
least as packaged by gentoo) would appear to be kdeplasma-addons, and
here's a list of its files containing "load", from the 5.5.4 version
currently installed here:

$ equery files kde-plasma-addons | grep load

Now it's worth noting that all the qml files are in (what else?) qml, a
text-based java-script-like scripting language, so at least to the point
they make use of qt or plasma *.so libs and the qml interpreter, they're
simply text and thus their own directly user-editable sources, even for those that
don't know C/C++. =:^)

And there is of course qml documentation on the qt website.

And of course the *.desktop files are standard text-based (opendesktop.org
desktop files, and xml is a well recognized text-based standard as well.

/Now/ you can make your own and/or contribute patches! =:^)

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