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[kde] Failed to establish shared memory mapping


I've searched high and low but couldn't find a satisfactory answer to
the question: why do all KDE/Plasma apps warn "Failed to establish
shared memory mapping, will fallback to private memory -- memory usage
will increase"?

I have /dev/shm mounted (tmpfs) and /dev/shm has drwxrwxrwt mode bits,
/run/shm is a symbolic link to /dev/shm

What I find curious is that when I start the same app as root it
doesn't show the warning, but I can't for the life of me understand
why I can't establish shared memory as a user and can as root?

/dev/shm contains file that have pulse-shm in their name, and ipcs -a
shows me many shared memory segments?
So why can't KDE apps establish shared memory?

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