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Re: [kde] Plasma 5 as a daily driver?

On 11/09/2015 01:40 PM, Ian Pilcher wrote:
All in all, I find myself wondering if other people are really using
Plasma 5 as a "daily driver" (or is my usage really so different that
others aren't hitting these bugs).

Honestly I would say NO!

They ( the development staff) took out one feature that is keeping me on KDE 4.

And that feature was called the multiple wallpapers on different Virtural Desktops. Now I didnt use multiple wallpapers, but I would put an Icon on one desktop because thats the desktop I want that program to run on, and then put another icon on another virtural desktop because thats where I want that app to run. They the creators claim its because of " Security Flaws and risks" my butt!

And when adding icons to the desktop they have this HORRIBLE clear box around them in KDE 5, when you switch from Container view, to desktop view and put my icons that I use the most on my desktop.

Christopher M
Running Kubuntu 14.04 and KDE 4.

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