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Re: [kde] Plasma 5 as a daily driver?

Ian Pilcher wrote:

> I find myself wondering if other people are really
> using Plasma 5 as a "daily driver"...

It's a totally different world where I live :-) I've 
been using Plasma 5 since the beta was released. 
Excellent experience!

When the beta was first released, I noticed that there 
was something curious about the virtual terminals, but 
that appears to be long gone. It might just be that I 
am using GDM, which is on Wayland, so it has claimed 
vt1. In any case, all works fine.

I haven't yet plugged in my television, so I don't 
know about having 2 displays yet. I really need to 
give that a try. Perhaps tonight, since I rented a DVD 
from the library ;-)

Konsole size? Is it that much of a problem to size it? 
;-) I haven't given this a try, so I don't know 
whether my system(s) is/are affected.

What used to be the ugly cashew is now known as the 
Desktop Toolbox. I think it is entirely redundant, 
since all of the commands it offers are accessible on 
the right mouse button menu item Desktop Settings. You 
can enable/disable the Desktop Toolbox on the Tweaks 
page. I have always hated that thing, since it 
disrupts the symmetry and aesthetics of the clean 

CapsLock is permanently disabled here. I have mapped 
Compose to that key, which is useful to me. CapsLock 
just caused me problems, getting hit by accident with 
my thick fingers ;-)

I don't mean to discredit your/others' experience(s), 
but it seems to me that a lot of people are nitpicking 
about a lot of insignificant stuff. Oops! Did I say 
that? :-O I guess if it's important to you ;-) but I 
think we need to keep in mind that it's a work in 
progress and the required functionality is all there. 
I've never been a big fan of all the widgets anyway, 
just a lot of clutter on the desktop and in the system 
try. I guess for some of you it is important ;-)

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