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[kde] Qt stylesheets : per-user default qss capability? (was Re: how to use kdialog --font ?)

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 1:24 PM, Kevin Krammer <krammer@xxxxxxx> wrote:

CTRL+SHIFT+Left Click on any part in the observed application (in your case
kdialog), should jump to that object in Gammaray's tree.

You can then also adjust properties at runtime, e.g. the stylesheet property.

See http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/stylesheet-examples.html for small example


Great stuff, exactly what i was looking for.

​'strace' reveals no default search for .qss files (at least in 'kdialog').  ​
​So, is there a way to create a user stylesheet that all Qt apps will reference?   One that can be obtained via Environment Variable or perhaps an entry (or several) in Trolltech.conf?
( adding a key "style=windows" to the INI group "[Qt]" in Trolltech.conf will do the same (i think) as setting your KDE default Qt Widget style, but it'd be nice to have a stylesheet key, which i can't find reference for)

    QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE="windows" kdialog --msgbox "$(lsblk)"
doesn't seem to work, so maybe that's a Qt5 only thing  (kdialog --style "windows", however, does work as expected)

If so, one could create a "userStyle.qss" that had stuff like:​

KDialog > QWidget > QLabel {
    font-family: monospace;
    font-size: 16;
    background-color: rgb(40,40,40);

​which, theoretically should only apply to KDialog (executable, or i think there's an API?)
(unfortunately, the labels in KDialog don't have class/id AFAICT, so you hit all of them)

But having one place to tweak styles would be useful.

I suppose this is getting low-level enough that reliance from one release to another might get "iffy".


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