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Re: [kde] how to use kdialog --font ?

Looks like 'kdialog' supports Qt Style Sheets.
I haven't played with these before.  Appears to be a variant of CSS.

$ kdialog --stylesheet ~/tmp/kdialog.qss  --msgbox "$(lsblk)"
$ cat ~/tmp/kdialog.qss

* {
    font-family: monospace;
    font-size: 16;

I'm not sure if there's a way to identify the Qt components in use
​ by 'kdialog'​
​  (something like firefox' web developer "Inspect" would be awesome)​

​I grabbed a copy of XnView's stylesheet file:  "​XnView/UI/style_sheet.qss"
to start with.  using it unchanged renders kdialog with a nice black background,
but not monospaced, of course.

That's probably the best way to handle kdialog's failings in other areas.

There's also a Style "Theme" (--style).  I guess i have to look into this stuff more.
(this is more like the older X AppDefaults configurations to style X11 applications)


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