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Re: [kde] how to use kdialog --font ?

On Monday 26 Oct 2015 20:31:48 J. Leslie Turriff wrote:
> 	I want to use kdialog to display a table of values, and to make the 
> columns line up, the simplest way is to display the data with a monospace
> font, e.g. DejaVu Sans Mono.  kdialog --help-qt shows option -fn <name>
> or --font <name>, but does not describe the format of the <name> string.
> 	For testing, I've tried all of the following, but none seem to do 
> 	kdialog --font 'DejaVu Sans Mono' --msgbox 'Does this use the right 
> 	kdialog --font 'dejavu sans mono' --msgbox 'Does this use the right 
> 	kdialog --font '-*-dejavu sans mono-medium-r' --msgbox 'Does this use 
> right font?'
> (This last after using xfontsel to see the X definition, just in case.)
> 	I've searched the web for documentation and hints, and come up empty.  
> looked at the QT class documentation, but those are c++ calls, so don't
> tell anything about kdialog.
> 	Does anyone out there know how the --font string should be formatted?
> Leslie

I've just done a "kdialog ?" and there is no reference to a "--font" and thats 
using this version 
Qt: 4.8.7
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.12
KDialog: 1.0

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