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Re: [kde] SLOW KDE login after update

On 20/10/15 22:04, CS DBA wrote:
Hi all;

I recently ran an update on Fedora 22 (KDE spin) that included the
following packages. Afterward when I entered my username & password to
login to the laptop it would take 60seconds plus to login. Before the
update it took less than 5sec

I've since backed the update out but would like to solve it so I can run
the latest packages.

Anyone else seen this? Thoughts on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

I have the exact same problem on Gentoo. The only thing I know is that it's some config file. If I create a new user account and login, it works fine. 4-5 seconds from SDDM to the desktop. On my main account, it takes 40 seconds or so.

Previously, I would reset my KDE config by "rm -rf ~/.kde". This does not work anymore. There is no ~/.kde directory. Everything is moved into ~/.config it seems, and mixed with the rest of my config. So I now I can't clean the KDE config without also completely wiping out everything else too :-(

I don't know why KDE made that decision. It sucks.

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