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Re: [kde] Turning Zoom with scroll wheel off?

Draciron Smith posted on Thu, 22 Oct 2015 02:22:52 -0500 as excerpted:

> Kate has started zooming text with the scroll wheel and it's driving me
> batty. On those rare occasions I need to zoom I do Control +  or use a
> menu feature. I scroll text up and down with the wheel all the time. I
> have looked everywhere in the KDE settings and KATE settings, I have
> mouse gestures turned off. Cannot find anything that will allow me to
> turn off the text zoom.

Kate, but what version (possibly of kate and kde/frameworks both)?  And 
if it's from a distro, what distro and version there as well?

Particularly with the active transition from kde4 to kde/frameworks5 
right now, mentioning this sort of information is critical.

(FWIW, I have parts of a minimal kde/frameworks/plasma5 installed so as 
to make testing easier, but am still on kde4 and don't have the few 
blocker packages from 5 installed so I can keep the ones from 4 installed 
for the moment.  This because earlier versions of 5 sent kwin5 into a 
respawn loop, while the last test I did, did get me at least part of the 
desktop, but failed apparently because some of the plasma4 user config is 
in the XDG-standard locations used by plasma5 and in that limited test I 
hadn't removed that, while the rest was in the .kde location used by kde4, 
that I had removed.  So for my next test I know I need to cleanup my 
existing user config a bit better for the test and I think it might 
finally work now, but even if it did, I'd still need to spend quite some 
time recustomizing 5 to something I consider workable, and if the kde4 
upgrade is anything to go by, that's likely to take around 100 hours of 
reconfiguration and workarounds-for-now-broken-stuff time that I simply 
don't have ATM, the reason I've not retested and tried the update to 5 
again just yet.

So my 5 knowledge is rather limited, but if you happen to still be on 4, 
I can try installing kate (I normally use either mcedit or kwrite here, 
and thus don't have kate installed by default) and see how zoom behaves 
here, on gentoo with qt 4.8.7, kde 4.14.13, and kwrite 4.14.12.  The 
package-manager says if I installed kate without specifying a version, 
I'd get 15.08.1, with 15.08.2 currently apparently available but still 
masked as not yet stable enough to unmask even to gentoo-amd64-testing.)

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and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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