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Re: [kde] How to not restore a konqueror session? (KDE4)

Hi Duncan,

Am 28.09.2015 um 23:36 schrieb Duncan:
> [...]
>> Background: Since KDE4 I get all konqueror windows twice on a new login.
>> I assume one from the KDE Session Management, one from konqueror's own
>> restoring mechanism.  KDE3 didn't have conflicts by restoring windows.
> See if this is it...
> KDE systemsettings > system administration > startup and shutdown > 
> session management > on login section.
> Presumably you have it set to restore previous session, which is what you 
> want in general if you want other apps restored.

Currently I have set to restore a manually saved session. Just for
security to have a saved session in case X hangs and KDE isn't able to
shut down regularly and therefore is not able to save the current
session as well.

Would be a great pleasure if KDE sometimes could save the current
session state automatically.

Would be a greater pleasure if KDE could save, open and close each
virtual desktop separately.
I want to be allowed to restore each virtual desktop separately on KDE
startup as well as at a later time when I want to load a certain
desktop. Of course I want to be allowed to close one or more certain
desktops when I don't need them longer and want to open them again at
any time later during the current session or a later one.

Would be the greatest pleasure if KDE could do all things above and
additionally could restore all LibreOffice windows -- what better could
we get?  ;-)

> But as something else is restoring konqueror already, you don't need
> the session restore mechanism to restore it as well.
> So add it to the exclusions list. =:^)

The list actually is empty. But in KDE3 I never needed to add any app to
this list.
Furthermore I'm not sure whether all konqueror processes will save their
own session. Perhaps only the session will be saved that terminates at last?

Whatsoever, I'll try it out -- may be it works around.

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